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Suggested Resources For Your Bible Study
Carefully selected products to assist the homeschooling family.

~ ~ ~ Bibles ~ ~ ~

The Beginners Bible for Toddlers The Beginner's Bible for Toddlers is specifically designed with simple text and brightly colored illustrations that communicate God's love specifically to toddlers. It includes 39 all-time favorite stories from the Bible.

NIrV Children's Bible Beginners Bible Edition The Faith of a Child Starts with Simplicity How do you get children ages 6?10 captivated by the Bible? How can you get them so engrossed in its stories and characters that they won't want to put it down? Give them the Bible that speaks their language?one with simple words and vivid illustrations. Give them the NIrV Children's Bible.

The Beginners Bible My Favorite Bible Stories We invite you an your child to walk with us through the pages of this endearing collection. We've assembled a sampling of our favorite heart-warming stories and inspirational characters, and brought them to life with bright, kid-friendly illustrations.

Beginners Bible - Who's Who in the New Testament A sturdy, large-sized board book introduces young readers to eleven favorite Bible characters from the New Testament, offering profiles of such figures as Mary and Joseph, John the Baptist, Zaccharus, and Simeon.

The Child's Story Bible -- by Catherine F. Vos
This book is wonderfully written in a manner as if a grandmother were telling these Bible stories to her children (that is actually how the book came to be written). It is not watered down Bible stories but they are portrayed as the exciting, dramatic events they were. Customs and doctrines (reformed) are explained right in the story line. Although it is not the complete Bible, it contains all the narrative and historical passages of the Bible.

DK Illustrated Family Bible Whether you see the Bible as a literal revelation of God's word, a guide for life, or a wonderful set of stories, The DK Illustrated Family Bible--a colorful, accessible reference source---can be the cornerstone of your family's knowledge of scripture. Based on the modern English of the New International Version Bible, this stunning, lavishly illustrated 384-page book is an interpretation of the Bible rather than a complete edition. The most important stories, such as "The Tower of Babel" and "The Sower," are presented chronologically with full-color illustrations supported by helpful captions. Each story is complemented by illustrated side panels explaining key words and concepts, as well as by photographs of actual sites, artifacts, and works of art. The people of the Bible are defined in appendices for both the Old and New Testaments and throughout the text as needed.

Children's New Century Version International Bible-Navy Leatherflex The first version translated just for kids!. A Bible your children can read and understand! Most children don't understand adult words like "atonement," "redeem," or "oracle." Yet, children are commonly given modern versions of the Bible that use dozens of such difficult words. Now, children can more easily understand the Bible. Twenty-one trusted Bible scholars carefully selected words at a third-grade reading level for this translation of the complete Bible. "Jesus asked the little ones to come to Him, and the International Children's Bible makes it a little easier for them to hear His call." - Max Lucado.

The Jubilee Illustrated Family Bible Scripture comes alive through selected passages of original texts and full-color illustrations. Special features include color photos, Bible stories, artwork with captions, and NIV text.

NIV Young Discover's Bible [LARGE PRINT] The perfect Bible for the beginning reader -- giant-print type for easy reading, color pictures of key Bible stories, in the accessible New International Version. Features: Giant-print typeface for easy reading for children ages 6 - 12. - 16 full-page, full-color illustrations by Nancy Munger. - Dictionary-Concordance to key Bible words. - Presentation page and family record pages. - Old and New Testament time lines. - Full-color maps.

Narrated Bible in Chronological Order Many home educators have found The Narrated Bible to be an effective way of integrating biblical history with secular history. This chronological arrangement will help readers see how various Scriptures fit with each other and with their historical settings.


~ ~ ~ Coloring Books ~ ~ ~

The Beginners Bible Super Jumbo Coloring... Bring your favorite Bible stories to life!

Over 100 Bible coloring books!

~ ~ ~ Study Guides & Dictionaries ~ ~ ~

How to Study Your Bible for Kids (Discover 4 Yourself Inductive Bible Studies for Kids)


Jesus in the Spotlight - John 1-10 (Bible Study Series) Homeschoolers, take a look at this book!,
Fast moving and fun, yet very extensive with weekly memory verses and step by step bible reading and questions about the child's own walk with the Lord. It puts the child in the role of a movie director researching Jesus' life for a movie. There are lots of study questions, as well as games and puzzles to make it really interesting.

The Bible Companion - A Handbook for Beginners A prominent biblical scholar offers an entry-level overview of the Bible that presupposes no specialized knowledge of the Bible or of religion. The basic goal of the book is to help the reader become more familiar with reading the Bible. The emphasis is on acquiring basic familiarity with the contents of the Bible.

The Greenleaf Guide to Old Testament History Winner, "Best Bible Curriculum", 1995, 1996, and 1997 - Reader's Choice Awards. (Practical Homeschooling Magazine) "The Old Testament is the perfect place to start teaching history since it truly starts at the beginning. Many of us shy away from such a study because of the difficulties we might encounter, but the Shearers have made it much easier with this Guide."

International Children's Bible Dictionary Language constantly changes. Last year's words may mean something completely different today. Since Bible times many word meanings have changed radically. So today's child has difficulty understanding the true meaning of God's saving words. The International Children's Bible Dictionary resolves that problem! This excellent, fun-to-learn Bible study tool offers ten innovative features, which children, parents, and teachers will use often to help kids clearly understand Bible words, phrases, places, and events.

International Children's Bible Handbook The International Children's Bible Handbook answers your kids' questions about the Bible. This first all-in-one handbook for children does more than just retell Bible stories. It builds faith with character sketches, geography, archaeology, customs, and spiritual truths in each unit. The International Children's Bible Handbook is fun to use at home, Sunday school, or Christian school.

The New Strong's Exhaustive Concordance Of The Bible Super Value Edition This edition of a legendary classic puts generations of biblical research at your fingerstips. The New Strong's Exhaustive Concordance gives you all the classic features of the full-size concordance in a smaller, more convenient form. Includes Fan-Tab(tm) Thumb-Index Reference System, Dictionaries of Hebrew and Greek words, easy-to-read print, and is revised and updated for accuracy.

What the Bible Is All About - New International Version "The Bible, the greatest document available for the human race, needs to be opened, read and believed. What the Bible Is All About will help make the reading and studying of God's Word interesting, challenging and useful. We commend it to you. -Ruth & Billy Graham. This classic 4-million-copy bestseller takes the reader on a personal journey through the Bible, covering the basics in a simple, understandable way. This new edition includes: A panoramic, big-picture view of God's love and plan.

~ ~ ~ Bible Charts & Maps ~ ~ ~

Chronological and Background Charts of the Old Testament A revised, updated, and expanded edition of a very popular tool for pastors, teachers, and students for the study of the Old Testament.The book includes 42 new charts, and revisions to another 18. Inside, a new design promotes ease of understanding. Subjects cover historical, literary, archaeological, and theological aspects of the Old Testament.

Chronological and Background Charts of the New Testament This book illustrates all aspects of the chronology, historical background, and criticism of the New Testament, covering such topics as weights and measures, social structures, theories of the history of the text, and the history of Rome and Palestine.

The Student Bible Atlas Where did Moses cross the Red Sea? Why were so many battles fought across Palestine? And where did Paul's ship founder on the voyage to Rome. All of these questions are answered in the Atlas, an indispensable help to the serious Bible student.

How the Bible Came to Us - The Story of the Book That Changed the World A multi-faceted subject handled well for its intended audience as well as older readers unfamiliar with the topic. The addition of subject/event tracking helps to clarify the content as well as the reason for the process. Especially helpful are the inclusion of contemporary efforts to make the scripture accessible to all who care to read them. The art work is interesting and the text is well written.

Reproducible Maps, Charts, Time Lines and Illustrations - What the Bible Is All About Resources Maps, charts, timelines and illustrations that would help any person who is a serious Bible student. Perfect for the homeschooling family.

~ ~ ~ Bible Games & Software ~ ~ ~

Beginners Bible- Noah's Ark Game Based on the best selling Beginners Bible, this is a colorful, captivating game where you try to get a pair of animals to Noah's Ark together. But be alert! These playful animals have a mind of their own and may separate before reaching the Ark.

The Beginners Bible Old Testament Favorites CD-ROM - 3 Great Titles on One CD_ROM; Noah's ARK, Moses and David Activity Centers, (The Beginners Bible CD-ROM) Your favorite Old Testament Bible characters come to life in this CD-ROM for children and adults. The Beginner's Bible features activities based on three beloved Bible stories and star characters from the "Beginner's Bible", the best selling children's Bible in the world. The benefit of the Brighter Child's CD-ROM version of The Beginners Bible is that children actually interact with the beloved Bible characters as they learn the important Biblical lessons. The activities that come with the program are impressive and relevant for young children. Adults love working with their children on the activities as well.

~ ~ ~ Bible Videos ~ ~ ~

47 Christian Videos For Children


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