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Christmas Crafts

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Christmas Crafts

"Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might."
Ecclesiastes 9:10

Do you enjoy making crafts? Using your creativity and odds and ends, you and your family can create together wonderful crafts to decorate your home, tree, or share with your friends.


Huddling around the kitchen table with your children with the smell of brownies baking in the distance can be a very memorable experience for you and your children. When making crafts with little ones, it is most important to keep it SIMPLE! Make sure and select craft projects that your child can complete with a minimum of assistance to prevent frustration.

Always assemble your "ingredients" beforehand and have everything ready when you sit down to create your project.

Not all of the craft projects below are for children so please be sure to check out the instructions before selecting your project.

There are many great craft ideas below for the Moms or GrandMoms of the house too! Get yourself a hot cup of cocoa and enjoy yourself as you browse through the links below!



Reindeer Party Bags

Lunch Bag
Googly eyes
Red Pompom
Christmas Bow

Cut the top of the lunch bag to create antlers. Glue on eyes and nose. Very EASY!



Candy Cane Reindeer

Candy Cane
9 inch piece of Christmas ribbon
Wiggle eyes
Red Pom Pom - tiny
2 pipe cleaners - craft kind. Gold or Green

It's better to use a candy cane that is still in it's wrapping paper. Glue eyes and nose on the candy cane. Tie the ribbon into a bow on the straight part of the candy cane. Cut one of the pipe cleaners into 2 pieces. Using the other pipe cleaner, wrap it around the crook of the candy cane to create the antlers. Take one half of the other pipe cleaner and wrap it around the left antler. Repeat on the right side. Be creative!



Cinnamon Stick Santa Claus

Cinnamon Stick
Red Acrylic Paint
White irridescent paint
Permanent Black marker
Pin Back
Small Paintbrush
Glitter Glue
Hot glue gun

Cover the cinnamon stick with the red paint. Then paint a face with the white paint. Using the fabric paint, add a hat, mustache and beard for Santa. If you prefer, you can use cotton. Use the black marker to create a belt and a face for Santa. You can decorate Santa's suit with the glitter paint. Attach the pin back to Santa with the hot glue gun.



Snow Painting

Crayons and Paintbrushes
Dark construction paper
Epsom salt
cup of hot water

Mix 1/4 cup of hot water with 4 tablespoons of salt. Stir.

Draw with crayons on the paper. Brush with the salt mixture. Allow time to dry.



Clothes Pin Angel

Clothes Pins - Without spring
Pieces of Christmas material or Crayons and Paper
Markers - Sharp Tip
Paper muffin liners - white
Yarn for angel hair - yellow, brown, or black

Using the markers, draw a face for your lil angel. Cut little pieces of the yarn. Glue onto angel for her hair. Cut the muffin liner in half to create wings and glue to the back of the clothes pin. Make clothes for your angel out of scrap material or create clothes out of paper and crayons. Glue & you have a beautiful angel ornament!



Christmas Place Mats

Construction Paper
Old Christmas Cards or Templates
Markers, Glitter, Glue
Contact Paper

Be creative and design a Christmas masterpiece out of old cards of crayons and markers. When finished, cover your creation with clear contact paper for a Christmas place mat!



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Enjoy your crafting experience and I hope it brings you closer as a family and gives you memories that you will cherish for a lifetime!




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