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All About Jesus
Bible Study For Kids

Do you want to know more about Jesus?
Do you want to know more about the Bible?
Do you want to meet friends and study God's word together?
Do you want to have fun, enter contests, & play games?

"All About Jesus" Bible Study for Kids is an ongoing and interactive Bible study designed just for you kids. Kids from all around the world will be participating and you will have the opportunity to share and discuss God's word with them.

"All About Jesus" Bible Study for Kids is part of the "Homeschooled Kids Online" website and is the central and most important part of the site.

We welcome you to join with us and have a blast learning "All About Jesus" and what He means to you and your life.

"Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." Matthew 19:14

Lesson 2

The Bible is a very important book and one that you probably have heard of before. You may know a little about the Bible, nothing about the Bible or a whole lot about the Bible. Our Bible study is going to assume that you know nothing about the Bible and we are going to study together about this amazing book.

For our study, we suggest that you have a few items handy. First of all, it's a great idea to have a Bible with you. If you do not own a Bible and would like to purchase one, check these resources. If you prefer, you can open up an Online Bible right here on the web and study along.

Our studies together are going to include reference sheets, study pages and other printables. These sheets are designed to fit into a 3 ring binder which you can buy anywhere.

That's all you need to study with us!

If you are ready, then let's get started!!!

Did you know that Jesus loves you and has a plan for YOU! He cares about every part of your life and what you do everyday. By studying with us, you will learn about God's plan for you. You will learn that God has a plan for every person on the planet, he has a plan for the nation of Israel, and a plan for giving forgiveness and eternal life.

Before we study together today, let's say a prayer that God will help us understand what he is trying to teach us with His word.

"Where In The World Is Egypt Anyway?"

You probably have heard of Egypt, Israel, and other countries that you have no idea where they are located. We think it's a good idea that you be able to find these important places on a map.

Study the map above. Do you see Egypt and Israel? Long ago, Israel was also called Canaan and Palestine.

See if you can locate Ur. Ur is where a man named Abraham lived long ago. God called Abraham and told him to take his family and his flocks and to go to a place that He would show him. Abraham obeyed God and God led him to Canaan. God made a very big promise to Abraham. God told Abraham that someday the land of Canaan would belong to him and all his descendants.

One of Abraham's descendants was a son that he named Issac and a grandson that was named Jacob. They lived in Canaan and were shepherds. One day, long ago a famine came to the land of Canaan and Jacob took his family and they went to Egypt. They lived in Egypt for a long time and were shepherds there also. One day, Jacob and his family became slaves to the Egyptians. God made the slave descendants of Abraham the nation of Israel and He brought them back to Canaan. Remember, God promised Abraham that his descendants would have the land of Canaan for their own. How God brought His people out of slavery is a very exciting story and we will learn all about this later in our studies.

God loved His new nation, Israel and He was so good to the people of Israel. He blessed them richly and He gave them many things. Sadly, the people of Israel forgot about God and they even began to worship idols. God allowed His people to be taken captive by the Assyrrians and the Babylonians as a result of their disobedience.

God always keeps His promises and it is very important for you to understand this. God made a promise to Abraham long ago and He kept this promise when He brought the Israelites back to Canaan. Canaan was now known as Palestine. Palestine becomes very important in God's plan for man. Through the nation of Israel and in the land of Palestine, God promised to send the Promised Saviour.

I bet you didn't know that hundreds of years later that Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem in Palestine just as God promised. God kept His promise and He sent the messiah, the Saviour of the world when Jesus was born in a manger almost 2000 years ago.

Jesus came to earth, was crucified on the cross, and then He rose from the dead. He told His followers to go into the world and tell EVERYONE the good news.

The Good News of Jesus Christ was for everyone in the whole world and not just the Israelites. Jesus came through the Israelites for people everywhere and in every land!

What began in Palestine has spread throughout the entire world!

***Did you know that it is 6308 miles*** from Charleston, South Carolina to Jerusalem Israel!

Want to know the distance between Jerusalem, Israel and your house?

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How exciting to learn about the ancient lands of the Bible!

The Good News is such good news for us. It is so exciting to know that God had a plan from the beginning of the world that included you! He made a promise long ago and He kept that promise by sending Jesus into the land of Palestine. The best part of all is that we are included in the Big Promise - not just the nation of Israel.

Let's say a little closing prayer today.

Dear Father,

Thank you for allowing us to learn about you today. We know that you brought us together not by accident but by your purpose and design. We know you are a wonderful loving Father and that you care about everything that happens to us. We want to thank you for loving us and for sending us a promised saviour. Thank you for including us in your big plan and your big promise. We are so amazed at you Lord and we stand in awe of your great design for mankind. So long ago in tiny little places and through a small nation, you began the plan for the redemption of man. Thank you Lord for including us in your plan.

Thank you for giving us the Bible so that we can learn about you and your plan for our lives. Please continue to be with us today and help us to see what your plan for us today will be. We ask that you help us do everything and only things that will allow others to see Jesus through us and our actions. Please forgive us when we make mistakes today. We ask everything in Jesus name. Amen.





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