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All About Jesus
Bible Study For Kids

Do you want to know more about Jesus?
Do you want to know more about the Bible?
Do you want to meet friends and study God's word together?
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"All About Jesus" Bible Study for Kids is an ongoing and interactive Bible study designed just for you kids. Kids from all around the world will be participating and you will have the opportunity to share and discuss God's word with them.

"All About Jesus" Bible Study for Kids is part of the "Homeschooled Kids Online" website and is the central and most important part of the site.

We welcome you to join with us and have a blast learning "All About Jesus" and what He means to you and your life.

"Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." Matthew 19:14

Lesson 5

The Bible is a very important book and one that you probably have heard of before. You may know a little about the Bible, nothing about the Bible or a whole lot about the Bible. Our Bible study is going to assume that you know nothing about the Bible and we are going to study together about this amazing book.

For our study, we suggest that you have a few items handy. First of all, it's a great idea to have a Bible with you. If you do not own a Bible and would like to purchase one, check these resources. If you prefer, you can open up an Online Bible right here on the web and study along.

Our studies together are going to include reference sheets, study pages and other printables. These sheets are designed to fit into a 3 ring binder which you can buy anywhere.

That's all you need to study with us!

If you are ready, then let's get started!!!

Did you know that Jesus loves you and has a plan for YOU! He cares about every part of your life and what you do everyday. By studying with us, you will learn about God's plan for you. You will learn that God has a plan for every person on the planet, he has a plan for the nation of Israel, and a plan for giving forgiveness and eternal life.

Before we study together today, let's say a prayer that God will help us understand what he is trying to teach us with His word.

Leviticus - An Overview of the chapter of Leviticus

(If you don't have a Bible, you can open up an online Bible here. The Bible will open up in another window. That way you can switch back and forth easily!)

You can also listen to Leviticus on Audio right here!

Leviticus is the third book of the Bible. The word Leviticus comes from the word, "Levites." In the tabernacle, the Levites were the people that God chose to be priest. Leviticus is called the "Book of Atonement." Do you know what atonement means? The dictionary defines atone as: to make reparation for a sin, crime, error, or the like. Reparation means to make amends for your wrong doing. Letivitus is God's way of showing the people of Israel about God's forgiveness of sin. Leviticus is pointing the people of Israel to Jesus.

Who wrote the book of Leviticus?

Moses wrote the book of Leviticus which is the third book of the Law. We learned in our last lesson that there is evidence that Moses wrote the first 5 books of the Bible. Do you remember which verses pointed to Moses as the author of "The Books of the Law?"

In studying the book of Leviticus, we will learn about offerings and priests.

What happens in the book of Leviticus?

We will learn about sacrifice and how unholy people can come to a very holy God. (Leviticus 1:1 - 6:7)
We will learn about the Priest and how the priest go to God with the prayers of the Israelites. (children of Israel or Jacob) Leviticus 8 - 10
We will learn about rules that God gives the Israelites for day to day living.
We will learn about The Day of Atonement. (Leviticus 16)
We will learn all about the Feast. (Leviticus 23 - 25)

In Lesson #1, we learned that the first 5 books of the Bible are called the "Books of the Law."


Leviticus is the third book of the Law.

Who are the people that are mentioned in the book of Leviticus?

The Priest

Details Please!!!

(Leviticus 1-27)

The book of Leviticus has rules for God's people. God gave His people laws about food, offerings, priests, daily living, feasts (holidays), health, punishments and rewards!

Chapters 1 - 7 In the chapters 1 - 7, God gives His people laws about offerings. God gave His people a law that required the Israelites to make offerings to God at the Tabernacle. There were different kinds of offerings for different purposes. An offering could be an animal, grain or other items that would be laid upon the altar.

Chapter 8 - 10 In chapters 8 - 10, God gives the Israelites laws about priests. God gave very strict laws about priest and their responsibilities and their behaviors.

Chapters 11-22 In these chapters, God gives laws to the Israelites about their food, health and their daily lives. God gave the Israelites these laws to help them keep their camps clean and to stay healthy.

Chapters 23-25 Do you like the holidays? Holidays are fun and are a celebration. God gave the Israelites laws about their holidays which are called "Feasts." God told his people how they should celebrate their holy days.

Chapters 26,27 In these chapters God tells His people how to make a promise. God also tells the Israelites how to give to God and what punishments they could expect if they chose not to obey God. These chapters are all about punishments and rewards.

When did all of these events take place?

1400 BC

Did you know?

Did you know that the Israelites have a different calendar than we do?

Visit these links to learn more about the Jewish calendar and their holidays!

Jewish Holidays
Dates of all major and minor Jewish holidays and fast days

Jewish Holidays & Festivals On the Net
Your Source for Jewish Holiday Celebrations on the World Wide Web

Akahlah's Guide to Jewish Holidays for Children
Offers activities and lessons for children.

Virtual Jerusalem
Background and explanations of biblical and non-biblical holidays.

Jewish Calendar
Answers to commonly asked questions.

Did you know?

The book of Leviticus gives us pictures of Jesus! We learned last week how the Tabernacle was a picture of Jesus. Leviticus also shows us a portrait of Jesus.

The offerings and sacrifices that the people of Israel were required to give to God show us about the sacrifice that Jesus makes for us when he died on the cross.

The burnt offerings in Leviticus show us Jesus who was an offering himself to God because He was a perfect person without sin.

The meal (grain) offering also show us Jesus. Jesus was the perfect offering to God.

The peace offering shows us Jesus because Jesus came and he brought peace between man and God.

The sin offering is a picture of how Jesus died for the sins of the world. Jesus took our sins when He died on the cross.

The trespass offering shows us how Jesus died for our trespasses (sins) so that we could live.

What do YOU think?

Do you see that in the book of Leviticus that perfect sacrifices were required in order to get forgiveness from God? Jesus came to the world and offered Himself to God as the PERFECT offering. Jesus offered Himself to God and took all of our sins as His own even though He had NEVER sinned. Because of the great sacrifice of Jesus Christ, we have peace with God if we accept the sacrifice that Jesus made for us! Do YOU believe that Jesus died for YOU? He did! Even if YOU had been the only person alive, Jesus STILL would have died just for YOU! That is how much that Jesus loves YOU! Have you ever told Jesus that you believe He died for you and told him "Thank YOU?"

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Printable Activities & Reference Sheets For Bible Study

Reference Sheet 1
Reference Sheet 2
Reference Sheet 3
Lesson 5 Quiz
Lesson 5 Quiz - part 2
Feast of the Bible Word Search

How exciting to learn that God has been planning and thinking of us for a very long time!

In the Book of Levitcus, we see that PERFECT sacrifices were required to get forgiveness from God. Jesus was a perfect sacrifice to God and He died for you and for me! We can never be perfect but because of Jesus, we can still have forgiveness from God.

The Bible tells us that nobody but Jesus lived a sin-free life and because of this we all need Jesus. God loved YOU and me so much that He gave us His only son Jesus so that we could one day live in heaven forever!

Because of Jesus, we no longer have to make perfect sacrifices to God in order to be forgiven. Jesus paid for ALL our sins with the sacrifice on the cross. Thank you Jesus for loving us soooo much!

Let's say a little closing prayer today.

Dear Father,

Thank you for allowing us to learn about you today. We know that you brought us together not by accident but by your purpose and design. We know you are a wonderful loving Father and that you care about everything that happens to us. We want to thank you for loving us and for sending us a promised saviour. Thank you for giving us the Bible so that we can learn about you and your plan for our lives. Please continue to be with us today and help us to see what your plan for us today will be. We ask that you help us do everything and only things that will allow others to see Jesus through us and our actions. Please forgive us when we make mistakes today. We ask everything in Jesus name. Amen.





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