Rudie's Christmas Adventure

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Rudie's Christmas Adventure!


Rudie's day before Christmas began as any other Christmas Eve. Rudie and the other reindeer were practicing their jumping techniques and flying maneuvers when Rudie overheard several of the reindeer discussing the TRUE MEANING of Christmas.

Now Rudie became very confused. He has always thought that his boss, Santa Claus was what Christmas was ALL ABOUT!

Rudie decided to do a little investigating before it was time to leave with Santa for Christmas deliveries.

Would you like to come along on Rudie's adventure? First you will need to pass Rudie's little test below. Come on into Santa's lodge and we'll get you all set.

Please take the test below. By taking this test, you are agreeing not to hold Santa or his elves responsible if you are caught eatting too many chocolate chip cookies or drinking too much hot cocoa.

Objective: answer 7 questions correctly. JavaScript required!

1. WARM-UP: It's time to pack for Rudie's Adventure. Be sure and pack Rudie's favorite food which is . . . ?


2. Rudie desperately wants to buy the best gift imaginable for Santa Claus. Which gift should he buy?

A membership to Frosty's Cookie of the Month Club!
A lovely "Soap On A Rope"
new underwear

3. Before leaving for his adventure, Rudie suddenly remembers that he forgot to turn in his homework assignment on "What I Love About Being A Reindeer." Should Rudie . . .

Tell Santa that the dog ate his homework.
Call up his buddy, the head elf and promise him a special Christmas surprise if he turns in Rudie's homework for him.
Tell Santa that he has been captured by aliens!
Leave the North Pole and join the circus.

4. Rudie wants to discover the true meaning of Christmas. Should he . . .

Ask Santa?
Read the Bible?
Check out the National Enquirer?
Ask Mr. Billowy North Wind, the North Pole Post Man?

5. Rudie knows that the true meaning of Christmas began nearly 2,000 years ago in a small town called . . .

New York City
Paris France
Honolulu Hawaii

6. Rudie decides that he needs to investigate the true story of Christmas by going on an adventure. Would you like to join him as he searches for the true meaning of Christmas?

I don't know. Let me think about it.
No. I need to do my homework.
Yes! Let's GOOOOOO!
Later. . . I'm eatting my asparagus right now.

7. You need to prepare for this wonderful adventure with Rudie. It is most important that you pack. . .

clean underwear
chocolate chip cookies and hot cocoa
MORE asparagus!

8. Now, before we travel. We must update our passports. First of all, identify yourself. Are you a . . .

short order cook?
out of work elf
Truth Seeker
Pizza Delivery Driver

9. O.K., now that we have our passport in order and we are all packed. You must make a pledge to share your adventure with Rudie with others so that they too will know the true meaning of Christmas.

Later. . . I am STILL eatting my asparagus!
What's a pledge?
Well I might when I finish my math homework!
YES! I promise to share the true meaning of Christmas with everyone!

10. We are all ready to take off on our wild adventure! In case we get lost, where can we send your complimentary case of asparagus?

ENOUGH with the asparagus! I am ready for our adventure! Let's GO!
Oh YUMMY! May I have two cases please?
What is it with you and the asparagus?
Why don't YOU eat the asparagus!!!

Great Job! Now slip your test results into Santa's mailbox and let's go on a Christmas adventure!



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