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Choosing a curriculum will affect your homeschooling experience significantly so do your research! Ask friends and other homeschoolers for their opinions and recommendations.

Abeka Books

Abeka Homeschool

This is a proven and widely accepted program designed to provide an excellent Christian education for those who teach their child at home. The DVD program features the master teachers of Pensacola Christian Academy in a Christian classroom setting for the instruction of your child at home.

These master teachers give complete instruction in kindergarten through grade 6 and in all core subjects for grades 7?12. In addition, the DVDs will help you teach specialized subjects such as biology, algebra, and Spanish.

Calvert School

Calvert School

Calvert School provides a time-tested and complete homeschool curriculum with two goals in mind: To inspire the best in your child and to make you the best Home Teacher possible.

We plan detailed, daily lessons in all major subjects, and our lessons are designed to appeal to different learning styles. Our lessons are written in our private Day School, using the best textbooks and workbooks available. Our program is proven and assures you no gaps in instruction. In addition to our lessons, we support your home teaching with our Placement Testing, Education Counselors, and Advisory Teaching Service.

Through over 100 years of serving homeschooling families, we have always valued the input we receive from our families. Many of the improvements in our program have come from parent suggestions. We welcome your comments by email, or by phone at either 888-487-4652 or 410-785-3400.


K12 Online

K12 offers outstanding, highly effective curriculum that enables mastery of core concepts and skills for all kinds of minds. The minds that are superbly gifted--or that are gifted in some areas and struggling in others. The minds that need to use hands to learn on some days, and eyes or ears on others. The minds that move faster or slower than average. The minds that are connected to bodies that need to run off steam periodically, or that are medically unable to attend a physical school. All kinds of minds, not just the best and brightest - not just the ones that are easy to teach in a classroom.

We enable a diverse group of children to achieve mastery through a combination of individualized learning approaches, passionate teacher engagement, adherence to the best educational research that has been conducted over the past several decades about how young minds really work, and rich, engaging content.

It?s all about removing the barriers that keep children from reaching their true, individual potential?it's what gets us jumping out of bed in the morning to come to work. Each year, we help tens of thousands of students reach out toward their true personal possibility. We reach these students through a number of channels including:

individual course and product sales directly to families.

We are focused on being available to any child, anywhere, who can benefit from an individualized approach, whether it?s full-time schooling outside of the traditional brick-and-mortar school, or through part-time or supplemental options available both inside and outside of the traditional classroom.

Jubilee Academy

The Jubilee Academy

The Jubilee Academy online home school program is a nationally recognized, Christian home school curriculum provider for students in Pre-Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade.

Home schooling with The Jubilee Academy provides the calendar of daily assignments and home school lesson plans. Courses are available anytime, anywhere, 24/7, within the 10-month school year of September to June. A summer school program is available separately.

Our online home school curriculum is delivered through the Internet and includes a combination of online and offline components including:

EBooks (electronic books with websites, photos, quizzes) Videos Workbooks CD-ROMs Home schooling online with our Christ-centered curriculum draws our students closer to God.

Home schooling online using our state-of-the-art technology provide a challenging and compelling program. This proprietary system is tuned to run perfectly on modem-speed Internet connections as well as high-speed broadband lines. The Jubilee Academy Home School Program Offers:

Calendar with daily home school assignments Message Boards for communication with other parents and staff. Social Center (aiding home-school socialization) Private school e-mail Password-protected homeroom Home schooling students use our state of the art software to study, complete assignments, take quizzes and tests.

Home schooling students socialize with other members of this unique online community, through our safe, monitored Social Center.

Home schooling parents may contact other Jubilee parents and staff via the Message Board. The Jubilee Academy home school program is unique because of the advanced use of technology and the ability to have questions answered quickly and accurately.

Most importantly, The Jubilee Academy is a complete, parent-led home school resource. The parent as teacher heads all classes and teaches all subjects, with guidance from Jubilee home school staff and the use of parent-password-protected answer keys. While many assignments are graded automatically, others are graded directly by the home school parents, enabling the parent to have control over their student's grades, while also providing daily support and guidance to insure their student's academic progress and online home schooling success.

The Jubilee Academy home school program does not award/transfer credits, issue transcripts, or award high school diplomas. All graduation/attendance requirements are mandated by your local school district.

Sonlight Curriculum

Sonlight Curriculum

At Sonlight, we believe that homeschooling is a way of life and an overarching attitude toward the world. The world is out there to be marveled at, enjoyed, explored, and learned from. Once you catch on to this idea, you will find it easy to see educational value in almost everything you do.

Sonlight's "Secret": No More Boring Textbooks!

Use quality books that present content in a highly engaging fashion.

Sonlight's "secret" really comes down to this: we believe that most children respond more positively to great literature than they do to textbooks. Books ? quality books ? can distill the wisdom of an entire life into the span of a few pages. They can feed us with spiritual insight beyond imagination. Whether written by Christians or non- Christians, great books help us to develop critical thinking skills. They cause us to question the validity of our own values and beliefs in light of the author's perspective.

These benefits of great literature have inspired us to build our curriculum on quality books that present content in a highly engaging fashion. Once a good book grabs your child's attention, you'll find that the educational process becomes relatively painless ? because your child will actually want to read!

Moreover, you'll find we've made your life even easier with our Instructor's Guides. They include reading schedules that coordinate and integrate study across subjects, instructor's notes, study guides, student activity sheets and much more.

Keystone High School

Keystone High School

We know that success means something different to each individual.

To many Keystone students, success means graduating with top honors and getting accepted into a prestigious college. To others, it means completing coursework, earning a high school diploma, and beginning their careers. Whatever path you choose, Keystone can help you achieve your potential.

Why You Will Succeed With Keystone:

Accredited ? Keystone's national and regional accreditation ensures that diplomas and credits earned at Keystone are widely accepted by top colleges, employers, and other high schools.

Quality ? Keystone's 80+ award-winning courses are supported by highly qualified, certified teachers with an average of 8 years of instructional experience.

Flexibility ? you can enroll at any time during the year and study on your own time at your own pace.

Experience ? Keystone has over 30 years of distance learning experience and has educated over 200,000 students.

Saxon High School

Saxon Homeschool

Success At Home!

Saxon Math is the only major math program on the market today that systematically distributes instruction, practice, and assessment throughout the academic year as opposed to concentrating, or massing, related concepts into a short period of time--usually within a unit or chapter. Saxon Math's unique approach to math instruction ensures that students not only gain but also retain essential math skills.

Bob Jones University

BJU Press

Bob Jones University Press Christian Materials and Support

(from Bob Jones University Press is one of the leading suppliers of Christian homeschool curriculum for age 3 through grade 12. They also offer HomeSat (an in-home satellite program), standardized testing, video supplements (e.g. Biology and Spanish), and Journey Books (for young readers, ages 2-18).

During the school year, HomeSat is a 24 hour-a-day, in-home satellite program for K-12 students. With HomeSAT you can choose from an assortment of classes and home educator workshops, on a variety of topics. Get the extra help you need to teach harder subjects.

Bob Jones also has an assortment of videos by ShowForth--the video source you can trust. They offer

Educational videos (French 1) Instructional videos (Manners at Work) Inspirational videos (Symbols in Religious Art) Children's videos (The Treasure Map) BJU Press Testing Services gives home educators an opportunity to test their students with a variety of reliable and nationally recognized tests. Their testing services are fully authorized and approved by the test publishers.

Journey Books offers classic books, stirring fiction, and biographies which are wholesome and appealing (from preschool to age 18). Journey Books also offers BookLinks, in-depth studies of some of the novels.

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